Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Back from the mud

Well, we did Glastonbury. As some of you may be aware, it was rather muddy. In fact, it looked rather like this...

But don't worry, we didn't look like this...

No, we looked like this!

Saw a bit of this sort of shenanigans...

Then ended up looking a bit like this...

Plus, it being Glastonbury, there was a certain amount of random pole stroking.

I don't think I was even particularly drunk at that point. In a nutshell - totally awesome and totally surreal and random Glastonbury. The muddiest I've ever seen. The most drunken I've ever been. It was, for me, the year of giving complete strangers high fives and hugs, and for finding amazing gypsy folk bands playing in tents in the middle of nowhere. Also, a year for completely uncharacteristic and unexpected behaviour from all quarters, and for complete strangers asking for invitations to my wedding.

I can't wait to do it all again next year.

More on that story later.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Off to Glastonbury

Today Frangelita is a happy bunny. After a seriously hellish week last week (not going to go into the details, but suffice to say I was almost reduced to tears on one day after spending two and a half hours driving backwards and forwards between Blackbird Leys and Cutteslowe and still failing to get what I had gone there for), things are looking up.

Cos not only am I heading to the mystical land of pear cider, rivers of mud and mysterious solstice occurences, I don't have to work for the next 12 days. Whoop! Although as I often say, I love my job, we've got a bit tight in terms of staff of late, expressions have been grim, shouting and swearing more frequent and inappropriate tears ever closer. So this is going to be a well-deserved break.

As to cider land, I managed to get myself in the festival spirit by visiting some small free music festival in Oxfordshire at the weekend, which was very laid back and rather nice, if a bit disconcerting that some of the acts looked not dissimilar to those you might see at a rather good school talent show. Course, the ambience was slightly spoilt when something (I think it must have been a nettle or ants rather than a snake in retrospect) got into my knickers, stung or bit me several times around my lower back area and left me in an extraordinary amount of seemingly inexplicable pain, which did not budge for the best part of an hour. I still don't really know what happened there. But I hope it does not happen again, it was HORRIBLE. And I felt like a bit of a drama queen as there appeared to be nothing to see, but I was at one point literally stooped over in pain.

Anyway, Glastonbury it is this weekend. Heading down tomorrow to get a good camping spot, suck up the vibe, and of course get started on a few pitchers of pear cider - not to mention the two boxes of wine we're carting down there.

It's going to be my third Glastonbury, but different from all the others because this time a whole gang of us are going from Oxford - including Curtains, who I asked a few weeks ago who he was going to the festival with and he said "you guys" . I said I assumed he would be going with someone cool, and he said he was. Bless.

Anyway, my first Glasto I went with a small group, only one of whom I knew very well.

Last time it was just me and HF, even though we knew loads of people there we didn't meet up with any of them. It was memorable for any number of reasons, not least of which watching the sun rise while queuing for the cash machine, or the time me and HF woke up to find a complete stranger in the middle of our tent trying to snuggle down in between us. It took a long and involved discussion to convince her to LEAVE IMMEDIATELY.

So I shan't be back in the world of blogging until next Tues at the earliest (quel surprise). Expect a few brain cells to have been decimated by then.

More on that story later.

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Monday, June 11, 2007

Daddy Cool

Apparently, I'm cool.

This was news to me. Despite my attempts to become part of the upper echelons of the super-cool Oxford music scene (ahem) I am fairly realistic about my general coolness status. As in, not so much.

But I was chatting with someone who IS very cool (a certain person who is sort of my boss and may be referred to as Curtains) and knows, like, everybody (parties at the after-show party with Arcade Fire and everything) said he thought I was cool.

He didn't just look at me, sigh, and say "Frangelita, you are just so cool, why can't everybody be as fantastically awesome as you?", sadly enough.

In fact, through a number of incidents mostly relating to the fact that we usually hang out at gigs where certain vast quantities of alcohol may or may not be consumed, I seem to have spent most of my time pretty much making a tit of myself. As Curtains is now permanently stationed in my office, I felt perhaps it was time to call it a day on all those heady days vomiting behind the Zodiac (yes mum, I am joking, I haven't drunk myself sick since I was about 16).

When I suggested this to him, he reacted with a surprising amount of anger and demanded to take me out for a drink on Friday night at a certain bizarre Jamaican nightspot well-known to all lovers of the Cowley Road. And when I asked him, doubtfully, why he actually liked me seeing as I generally make an appreciable idiot of myself pretty much every time we go out, he looked at me like I was a bit daft (again slightly symptomatic of our relationship to date) and said: "Why shouldn't I? I just think you're pretty cool."

I didn't really know what to say to that. So I bought him a drink instead. And, for a change, I don't think I made a tit of myself once that night. Maybe I am cool after all...

More on that story later.

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Sunday, June 03, 2007


Okay, I'm bad, it's been a month nearly which is a loooong time. Not that too many of you seem to have missed me. Along with Malaysia, I've been tied up with a very dangerous internet programme called Facebook and, you know, work and stuff.

Suffice to say Malaysia was pretty cool, and going travelling with a bunch of journalists is probably a fairly singular experience. Here are some happy pix to keep you going

And just a couple more...