Thursday, December 08, 2005

As you can see

It didn't work. Damn it! Maybe the blasphemy did not appeal to the god of technology. Another attempt, perchance?

Hmmm...your images are being uploaded to blogger. Well you already said that and it was a lie wasn't it? You even claimed it had been successful and all I had to do was click done. I did. You didn't.

See it's not even like I'm being deliberately dense or that I'm completely rubbish when it comes to technology. I'm good at figuring stuff out. And I'm not even getting any entertaining error messages. It claims to be working. Clearly, my computer is a man.

Still says it's uploading. liar.

Did I say that?

Am going to have a flick through some blogs before publishing this post. Hmmph.

ten minutes later

This is not even funny anymore. The little box with the message in it? It's disappeared. And I'm sure I didn't tell it to.

Good God. It's a miracle. I decided to tempt fate and post the silliest pic in my posession. And it seems to have worked!!!!


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