Thursday, December 08, 2005

Another attempt...

I don't think my computer likes me. I am still trying to upload some pictures. And instead my dear little laptop just continuously tells me loading your pictures are being uploaded to blogger. But I know they're not. For one, the evidence of my eyes which says look, no pictures, and for another, the fact that it hasn't got that little triangle with the exclamation mark and the little lines coming from it which always happens.

Ok scratch that. It has now changed it's mind and is telling me to click done.

I am going to do this.

Machine is thinking. But little explorer flag/world is not going round and round. No sign yet of picture on my post.

Maybe I should just, as they say, publish and be damned! Or as I nearly typed, oublish and be damned.

But I do really want to put some nice pictures on the blog. And for some reason I feel if I start fannying about with cds and photographs on my screen at work, someone might notice that this is not actually part of my job description. So I have to do it here.


I'm going to publish this post now and see what happens.


Blogger mig bardsley said...

oublish better I think. You might as well be dammed for something baffling!

*onneu* the wistful weariness that comes of tryng too often to get blogger to upload.

8/12/05 11:37 pm  

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