Saturday, December 17, 2005

Been away

I have been absent from the blogosphere for some time after a series of wild weekends, a pickpocketing incident and a lot of hangovers. I'm recovering from one now actually. I read something recently about why people drink again after feeling so bad the next morning. Surely we should know that we are going to regret it? I threw up very inelegantly this afternoon (this was assisted, I felt very poorly and it seemed the quickest way of getting the poison out of my system) but it sort of took me by surprise and I accidentally bit on my tongue really hard. This was a very, very bad idea and I suspect my tongue will be sore for a long time. Right now I'm vowing to avoid booze for a long time but with Christmas coming...

last weekend was a big bender in London with a pair of my gay.friends. Being a non-single lady but loving to dance and generally be the centre of attention without random people trying to stick their tongues down my throat, a night out with the gays seemed like a fantastic plan. It was great although I've never seen so many men kissing other men. We went to Heaven which was really good fun. It was not there I was pickpocketed, despite the fact that I had my wallet protruding visibly from my skirt. No, that happened within 15 minutes of arriving at Camden Market the following day. Did lead to a strange weekend though, cos I was so upset (almost considered taking the police up on their offer of victim support) that the boys said they would lend me as much money as I needed. A foolish thing to say to a girl on a rare visit to London shopping, it was like having two very trendy, very young sugar daddies. Unfortunately, I do have to pay the money back...


Blogger Tabby Rabbit said...

Awww, you poor (in all senses of the word) thing. How horrid. At least you had friends on hand. Hope you didn't lose anything of sentimental value/that can't be replaced.

19/12/05 10:02 pm  

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